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Contact Lenses

My Role
UX Designer
Adobe XD, Content Square

Project Overview

Identifying room for improvements for the Contact Lens journey for Specsavers, then working alongside CRO to implement this.

The main difference was in relation to the user journey, looking at the bigger picture than analysing the elements in isolation. I also analysed using a mobile first approach as users are entering our site through than the existing data which was just desktop. Another difference is to layout, restructuring the elements to reduce CR in unneeded areas and condensing information so relevant information can be picked out easier and quicker. That being said I also agree with a lot of research which has already been done and the following execution was just an addition to that. Working with CRO, they supplied some UX data but this has some rooms for improvement so I reached  the following recommendations. I did this by Content Square and Google analysis, derived minimal personas, took part in card sorting, created user flows and reached user requirements with quantitative, qualitative conclusions to compare the end goal of the research once designs were put into practice.


Identifying room for improvements for the Contact Lens journey for Specsavers


User group profile insight gathered - Customer is looking to buy lenses as their main objective, they also would like to explore what types of lenses they are able to explore, particularly interested in daily lenses. They are financially conscious and looking for a good deal, seeing about both the free contact lenses option and the direct debit package.They are reasonably familiar with contact lenses so they do not need irrelevant information other than their CL objectives and about their store experience but they need to find this information if relevant to them.Persona - Beth Smith, 30, England (UK): “Looking for a good deal and buy some lenses” Hobbies and interests: Arts, entertainment, celeb + entertainment news, tv, video Beth lives in England, she ends up spending a lot of time on her mobile both checking on latest entertainment news. She follows celebrities on social media, Beth finished her studies sometime ago but she’s always looking for a good deal so she can invest her money elsewhere. She doesn’t like wearing glasses, especially on a night out.

User requirement
User need: Users who frequently buy contact lenses from Specsavers need to easily navigate to buying pages if registered and booking if not while getting information they may need a. Users must be able to find the buying page easily b. Users must be able to book if they aren’t registered.

Reasonable qualitative user requirements: a. The user must be able to see the buying page on the contact lens home page. b. The user needs to know that they need to be registered first before using the service. c. The user needs to be able to easily book an appointment easily to register if they aren’t

Measure of accessibility: 80% of 25 people must be able to navigate to the buying contact lens within 2 minutes. Or/ Measure of accessibility: Percentage of previous navigation should raise to 20% on for the buying contact lens module fo mobile (11.6% mobile)


Using the data I mocked up low fidelity frames alongside recommendations for each page.

The high fidelity wireframes I then produced combined with both the data I gathered and the CRO teams findings