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Collection of work for Beauty Box, a subscription service for Feelunique.
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Beauty Box

Collection of work for Beauty Box, a subscription service for Feelunique.

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Beauty Box is a unique subscription service that puts the user in control. Allowing them to choose 5 products to try each month and select a varied subscription length.
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Information regarding pricing is highly attractive, certain filters also are more attractive than others.
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The design was already in development on my arrival, being based on their former UX designer. I went in initially to ensure key content is exposed,to start iterating. Initial view I also picked out that first time users weren't being surfaced a login link, this proved true when 3X the amount of users were clicking this segment on release.

I also picked up on that the journey for users who weren't subscribed then wasn't given any options on the subscriptions to direct them to the page and those who did were given little to no adequate information.
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Informative Page
Payment methods had high clickable areas but didn't link. Coordinating with the tech team we set direct links so what ever price the user would select on the informative page this would then be selected on their selector page easing journey.

Nav appearance for this page due to the current architecture pushing this into samples, though it is my hypothesis that it's both unclear it's a sample subscription box and it's too hidden. Surfacing this into the navigation as a direct link then gave a 90% increase in conversion. Liaising with the Head of E-commerce to then restructure navigation architecture to resort this point.

Selector Page

Using the insight of users who convert have higher engagement in filtering, sticky filters were introduced make this more accessible after testing initially which further proved this and picked up conversion by 16.92%

Users who convert also have 50% more page views and only 42% see the next page a test was conducted to ease the page view structure so users don't have to keep pressing the page and just click next but proved unlikely of change, load more was technically unavailable.
The current boxes on desktop have been reported as it could be perceived as a glitch and may be one of the reasons for the bounce on the page. There’s several other areas while focusing on this page we can do to help improve journey such as linking above fold. 
1. Anchor page  link 'five deluxe samples' in intro text to products section, as chances are they already came from a source where they know what to do (so it's above fold on both mobile and desktop) 
2. Desktop:
- Adjust the boxes so they line up with the subscription, so it feels more connected and meant to be there 
  • Rename the empty slots from 1-5 so we're clarifying the five deluxe sample's part before they even click on a product. Having some text there should help clarify it's not an image loading fail too.
  • Stroke highlight the current box
  • Anchor link the boxes to the product (if we could do the same on mobile when the bar has 0 selected that would be great too) This is important as the stroke will most likely cause users to click to select as they won't be able to see product first.
As 17% of users aren't seeing the primary CTA to reduce the hero banner this gave an 20% CR improvement.

Product selection area had 1600 CR on non clickable area and provided the insight of improvement here and the following recommendation crafted -

IF the user hasn't selected a sample on desktop clicking an empty sample box with anchor down to product
IF the user has selected a sample and doesn't click the trash clicking INSTEAD of anchoring to the specific product it will open the module with the CTA changing from add sample to remove sample
IF a user clicks add on a product it goes green and text appears add to bag
IF the user then selects the product again a module appears
ONCE the module appears AND the user has already selected INSTEAD of showing add sample again the CTA changes from 'add sample' to remove sample
IF selected it removes the add to bag state, from the selection and the CTA changes back to 'add sample'
For a seamless journey to the user implementing an anchor, currently they are transported to the top of the page which can be disruptive. Only 42% of users see the next page(s) section, however it’s extremely attractive (99%).. Without so we have continue fall off as the user browses through pages, the seamless we can make this the reduction that should be and help increase conversion
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