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Improvements to the checkout funnel for Feelunique.
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Checkout Funnel

Improvements to the checkout funnel for Feelunique.

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As User Experience Manager, responsible for ensuring that feelunique.com achieves user’s specified goals with efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction and delivers an engaging, best-in-class experience across the digital platform.

Business needs would be communicated and self-initiated reports are done (monitoring analytics, CR, exposure rate) to improve and construct areas on site. Presenting work to CEO, CFO and tech for sprint approval. A+B and multi variant tests are also conducted to ensure the best solution.
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Banners on mobile caused issues with user browsing and the repositioning of this to the botoom would bring an estimation of XXm revenue from testing

CTA add to bag isn't surfaced above fold on mobile on PDP causing a 27.3% of users never seeing this. Estimating implementing would bring this in a 1.4m revenue. I partnered with BI&A to discover the importance of checkout quantity and how surfacing would also in pair need a quantity CTA attached to this to ensure accessibility and functionality both paired up.

Moving banners underneath would free up more space for users to browse products freely, these banners then add more of an incentive to buy if a user is scrolling at the end, lifting conversion by 9.67% than our current basis with a predicted ROI of 2.1M annually. Reducing bounce rate too by -2.9%
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Ability to Change Delivery Address on Order Summary
Instead of previous action, follow similar logic to Amazon
Given user clicks edit Delivery/ Billing
Then the user should see the edit Delivery/Billing - page on mobile or module on DT
Given the user adds a new address
Then the address should be selected when added
Give the user clicks 'Make default'
Then the address should be selected
On mobile -
Create Billing and Delivery page based on address book to efficiently use this area and keep click areas above fold
Default address takes number 1 spot on load
Add CTA 'Use this address' on active state
(Edit/ Add states will act the same, just title adjust)
On desktop
Create in page module drop down
Carry on using Default CTA logic
Edit and Add states to be in module

The behaviour of just removing a product could negatively impact future conversion due to a busy cart. Able to save for later will be more likely to purchase in future this will also tie in with adding to your basket wishlist feature. It follows competitor analysis so users will expect this feature.
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